July 28, 2008

Wardrobe with the Sartorialist: Men in Skirts, Monday July 28, 2008

Seems the idea of men in skirts is now acceptable but questions remain. 
-cultural appropriation
-how the gentleman's legs look in the skirt
-what shoes to wear?
-(I can't believe I'm asking this but) above or below the knee?

July 21, 2008


Can we forbid people from talking to us when we are having a conversation on the phone? These people become frenzied as they assume what the person on the other line is saying and begin talking over you, telling you what to say, and trying to answer their own imaginary conversations. 

It is nearly impossible to hold two conversations at once.  If the telephone conversation involves those in the room, say with directions for the group or a suggestion to meet at a restaurant, only the person on the phone should be engaged in the conversation. It is possible to put the caller on hold and address your present company, who should be waiting patiently.
This form of interrupting is incredibly rude and frustrating. When you encounter it, first hold up your hand to signal the interrupter to stop. If they persist, place the other person on hold while you explain to the interrupter that they are interrupting your phone conversation. They may have valid points to make but their way of getting them across is ill-timed. 

Here's a Tip: For the Pillow

Photo by Sophie Calle
How luxurious are fresh hotel sheets? To show your appreciation, and maybe receive an extra mint or shampoo, you should tip the hotel cleaning staff. 

The morning after your first night leave 1 or 2 dollars, or the equivalent, on each bed. Each night after your first you should leave 1 dollar on your bed, except the day you check out. You are thanking the staff for the previous night, and ensuring that they will now clean your room very well.

July 11, 2008

Seasonal Etiquette: Beach

Unless you can afford your own private beach paradise, treat beaches as Public Space (foreign concept to some). It is easy to get along with everyone as long as you are respectful. Keep music low, avoid becoming drunk or those who already are, and be mindful of the space you are occupying. 

Leave the beach cleaner than you found it. Picking up random garbage (and every last bit of your own) on your way off the beach will help ensure glorious Sun Days for generations. 

Everyone likes to skip stones, but look before you toss! Never throw rocks at a crowded beach as you never know who is below the surface. 

Heed warning signs placed by the beach, and respect your life guards. Completely stupid not to. 

Naked babies on the beach: joyous, free, and darling. Still, if you are accompanied by children, they are your responsibility. Never count on other people to be keeping an eye on them. 

It's OK to check other people out, but don't make anyone you are with jealous! 

Acknowledge every few minutes that you are at the beach, you do not have to work, and there are many ways to play! How exciting!

Enjoy your weekend!

July 10, 2008

Sippin' On Gin and Juice (Olive Juice)

The Martini is the classy-classic American cocktail. It is also rich in formalities and custom.
Let us begin with pouring where the goal is to serve the coldest and purest alcohol. Daddy-o Bruce starts by pouring the liquids into a shaker with ice, WITHOUT SHAKING. You then get the garnish ready (typically a pimento stuffed olive) and take out your chilled glass. Garnish the glass, THEN shake the shaker and strain your cocktail into the glass. This will produce the coldest, water-free martini. Bruce usually goes a step further and swirls rather than shakes his shaker. This is to prevent Silver Bullets.

Many bartenders mark silver bullets, or small shards of ice, as an achievement. But in fact, your martini should never include ice shards or any other form of water. It is alright to refuse a martini with ice shards. 

The contents of the martini are a personal choice aside from the basics Gin and Vermouth. Usually a martini has 1 part vermouth to two parts gin. Extra dry martinis have less vermouth and are just a preference, like dirty martinis. Dirty martinis have a splash of olive juice in them. Delicious. Vodka is a popular replacement for gin, and has led to the creation of flavored monstrosities like White Chocolate Cappucino Martini. But we are here to discuss the classics. 

Let us end with drinking a martini. You should always hold the glass by the stem. If you can no longer balance the glass *stop drinking*. And the last sip has a prize - the olive. It has been soaking up the martini from the beginning and is your treat at the end. Even if you asked for extra olives (the cheap date appetizer), leave one until the end. 

Special Thanks to Bruce Gelfand!

July 07, 2008

Good behavior should always be rewarded!