July 11, 2008

Seasonal Etiquette: Beach

Unless you can afford your own private beach paradise, treat beaches as Public Space (foreign concept to some). It is easy to get along with everyone as long as you are respectful. Keep music low, avoid becoming drunk or those who already are, and be mindful of the space you are occupying. 

Leave the beach cleaner than you found it. Picking up random garbage (and every last bit of your own) on your way off the beach will help ensure glorious Sun Days for generations. 

Everyone likes to skip stones, but look before you toss! Never throw rocks at a crowded beach as you never know who is below the surface. 

Heed warning signs placed by the beach, and respect your life guards. Completely stupid not to. 

Naked babies on the beach: joyous, free, and darling. Still, if you are accompanied by children, they are your responsibility. Never count on other people to be keeping an eye on them. 

It's OK to check other people out, but don't make anyone you are with jealous! 

Acknowledge every few minutes that you are at the beach, you do not have to work, and there are many ways to play! How exciting!

Enjoy your weekend!

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