April 23, 2008

Wardrobe: How to Wear a Party Dress

With confidence! There is nothing sexier, or that looks better on a woman than confidence. But really, can you wear a party dress anywhere? Yes! 

A party dress is one that is special to you and that you glow in. It can come in any style or color (even black). Enjoy wearing it, and feel your best. For it to be a party dress it must elevate your beauty to the next level, not necessarily your formality. But there are formal party dresses where the occasion matters. 

At a formal dinner the dress should look rich, but not too elaborate. The purpose of a dinner party is to eat and socialize, so your dress should reflect the mood of the party. 

At The Ball wear the best dress you can get your hands on. It should be floor length and look great in motion. At The Ball you will be dancing and your dress should be made for it. 

At a cocktail party do not be afraid to wear something besides that little black dress. Shorter shifts, fun colors, mixed and matched accessories. This kind of event has a more playful side to it. 

At home, by yourself, eating chinese take-out... you have only to impress yourself so it better be great. 

1 comment:

adriana said...

today i wore i party dress with sneakers, to a bike race.

i felt glamorous!

you are the best blogger ever.
(i am also eating flowers right now!)