March 12, 2008

Proper Potty: Squat or Pot?

Public restrooms pose a quandary for some modern day ladies. Though stalls provide privacy, there is still a thick layer of 'public' that's best avoided. 

To really prevent butt-nee, rancid moisture, or worse, lift the seat and squat. The deeper you squat the less spray is created, and the better work out for your thighs.

If poppin' a squat isn't your style, then by all means have a seat. It is perfectly acceptable to densely paper before descending to the throne. But beware the desperate sheet of toilet paper clinging to your shoe!

Gentlemen have a different set of issues involving eye contact, hand signals, and where to step up to bat. For more insight on these issues watch urinal etiquette.

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Meghan said...

~see the handicap bathroom stall episode of curb your enthusiasm~