March 20, 2008

Conduct: Don't Touch!

Visit a Museum With Proper Gusto
  • never touch art you don't own, even if you could should you want to. 
  • delight in hushed conversation, but also relish silence
  • children should appreciate artwork as their parents do, never interfering with other patrons' experiences. 
  • limit group size to three persons, leaving room for everyone. 
  • enjoy yourself, a little. its not an amusement park. 
  • when you don't know, ask the staff. making up stories will only get you into trouble. 
  • its not a church, but do wear clothes. 
  • yes, the guards are watching you. 
  • maybe some of the work your child could do. maybe they are genius children. 
  • approach artworks like you are meeting a new person: from various angles, openly, with polite respect until you gather enough history/gossip to ascertain its social relevance and whether you feel comfortable liking it. and remember: you wouldn't poke someone you just met, would you?
  • if it is in a Museum, it is considered art by people more important than yourself. 

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